Why Use RCS?

Recovery Compliance Solutions has the experience and understands the risks you are exposed to by using unscrupulous, unqualified, and uninsured repossession vendors. 

Our automated database, CARL, will allow you to re-assign your in-house staff to more pressing needs.  Let our experts monitor and maintain your repossession vendors ensuring they maintain your high standards.  Best of all, by logging into our secure website, you can check up on us 24/7.

If your staff is struggling to make sure your constantly changing repossession vendor list is in compliance, utilizing RCS is an effective way to eliminate those risks and save money at the same time. 

You can expand your approved repossession vendor list at a reduced cost and quickly add vendors by simply providing the name of the company and their contact information.  Our system will take it from there.  We will quickly obtain the necessary documents, verify they meet your minimum requirements, and quickly add them to your approved list. 

If a vendor ever falls out of compliance we will work to get them back into compliance and notify you immediately that they are not meeting your criteria.