Database Security

While it is important to have information at your finger tips in order to maintain efficient and accurate decision making, it is equally as important to know that your data is secure.

Your data is secured by:

128 bit SSL Certificate – meaning that secure socket layer protocol is being enacted for
secure transmission of data between the user and the server.

Public / Private Key Encryption – offering a highly secure means of transaction where data is encrypted by one key and can only be decrypted by its respective pair. One key is kept secret (private) and the other key is distributed (public). Only the holder of the private key can keep and decrypt the data being submitted.

Nightly Back Up – preserving data is a key component to maintain data integrity and accuracy. Aside from drive redundancy of the server, nightly back ups are pulled to preserve data changes for the day.

Disaster Recovery – utilizing off site back up, CARL can quickly and efficiently be relocated to another server environment should a natural disaster occur leaving the primary location inoperable. While the server location has a dedicated power feed and multiple on site generators, unforeseen natural disasters can occur and CARL is ready to prepare if time permits and respond accordingly.