About Recovery Compliance Solutions

Recovery Compliance Solutions administers and monitors independent repossession vendors for compliance issues on behalf of automotive lenders throughout the United States. 

The founders of Recovery Compliance Solutions recognized a need for automotive lenders to be able to constantly and efficiently monitor their repossession vendors, at the same time making certain they maintain the minimum standards set forth by their contracts.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Official Comments include statements such as “courts should hold the Secured Party responsible for the actions of others taken on the Secured Party’s behalf, including independent contractors engaged by the Secured Party to take possession of collateral”.  

Our leadership

The management staff at Recovery Compliance Solutions has more than 20 years of past experience in the automotive lending and repossession industry.  In addition to being directly employed by a national automotive lender, they have been certified thru both Recovery Specialist Insurance Group (RSIG) and Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS).   The partners have attended, as well as spoke at, some of the most widely recognized repossession seminars in the country, including Recovery Specialist Insurance Group (RSIG), American Lenders Service Company (ALSCO), and National Finance Adjusters (NFA).